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Growing up I was one of the biggest tomboys ever! My dad taught, and treated me like a boy. He taught me how to play sports. I believe he always wanted me to be a boy. My mom has told me that I could stiff arm the best of them (she was talking about football). I have five brothers, two from my dad’s first marriage, and then I am the first of the four from my mom and dad. I didn’t have a lot of friends that were girls. There weren’t any girls in my neighborhood, so who did I play with? Yes that would be boys.

            I lived, and loved sports. We would play volleyball, football, baseball. I would climb trees, and build forts with my brothers. I would get Barbie dolls but I would cut their hair and put mud on them for camouflage, and then play G.I. Joes with my brothers. We would dig trenches and set up a war scene.

            My one brother (Don-Carlos aka D.C.) we are only a year and a half apart. So D.C. and I were very close to each other. We would do everything together! We even got in trouble together Things started to change when I started not cut my Barbie’s hair, and I would dress them up. I would then want to play house with Barbie and G.I. Joe.! I wanted G.I. Joe to be my Barbie’s hero. My brother wasn’t having it. Even though we had different taste in what we wanted to play, we were close because of age. We were also close because we had a common enemy, our older brother.



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